East India Equipments Private Limited manufacturers complete range of equipment required for wastewater and water treatment in its factory located at SIPCOT, Ranipet, Tamilnadu. The company follows world class manufacturing practices and has implemented 5S. Very soon, the company will be getting ISO 9000:2000 certifications for its quality management system.
Being an original equipment manufacturer, our company's proposal/offer is very competitive in terms of price and quality.
We are also able to deliver the system in a short time. List of equipment manufactured is given below

Effluent Treatment Related:

    Reverse osmosis plants

    Hopper Bottom Sedimentation Tanks (M.S. / F.R.P.)

    Clarifiers / Clariflocculators

    Filter Press

    Mechanical Rotary Screens

    Agitators / Flash Mixers

    Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers (Disc & Sleeve Types)

    Valveless Automatic Gravity Filters With Any Filter Media

    Oil Skimmers

    Multi - Stage Evaporators



Water Treatment Related

Filters: Pressure Sand, Multigrade, Activated Carbon, Iron Removal.
Membrane Separation Systems : Micro, Reverse Osmosis
Softeners: Ion Exchangers Upflow, Downflow
De-ionizers: Downflow, Upflow, Counter Flow, Two Bed, Three Bed
De-gasser : Atmospheric
Iron Removal Units: For Industrial And Portable Water
Mixed Bed De-mineralizers
UV Sterilizers